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BEWARE: Website "package deals"
A quick online search for "web designer" or "web development" will return literally millions of pages. The Internet industry has no shortage of players - both big and small - who are very enthusiastic about offering "website packages" for your business. Do not buy a site that is only a "Template Site" because it won't do everything you want...(some even make you build it yourself). This model sounds invitingly simple and certainly works well when buying a pizza, but it's no way to shop for an important business service.
EyeSite Internet Consulting, a Web-Focused Marketing Company...

Businesses depend on the Internet to find customers, vendors, and partners now more than ever. With EyeSite Internet as your Internet Marketing Provider, you'll never need a second chance to make that all important first impression!!

Developing websites is an integral part of our Internet Consultant services, but what you need is a full Internet Solution, and a website is just one component. There are hundreds of website companies, but very few that have been offering all these Internet Marketing tools for as long as we have:

  • Email Marketing

  • Search Engine Programs

  • Web Advertising

  • Digital Photo/Video

  • Pay-Per-Click Ads

  • Animated Graphics

  • Blog Communications

  • Social Network Exposure

  • Hosting Services

  • FTP File Sites

  • Email Accounts

  • Domain Name Registration

If your website is costing you money instead of making you money then you're in need of a change.

You must be able to generate leads at will on the should be able to dial up or down your traffic as your budget and capacity dictates.

As you attract and communicate with more customers, expand into more markets, take more orders, reduce training expenses and spend less time exchanging documents and booking sales meetings, you'll begin to see how valuable an Internet Solution really is. And these are only a few of ways to take advantage of the Web today.

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Key Point:
Successful Internet Solutions are derived from true business marketing objectives. They are built with specific profit-oriented purposes in mind and are measurable according to your business plan. An Internet Solution is also scalable, so that no matter how big (or small) your business is today, it will grow with you. Learn More...


BEST VALUE: Custom Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Ad Placement Programs:

Drive more visitors and sales to your business every month. Search advertising is the most affordable way to grow your business!

When your business depends on qualified visitors every month, you need pay-per-click advertising. The service is performance based, which means you only pay for real results. It's the quickest way to get in front of 100's of potential customers every day.

Harness the power of Google AdWords, Yahoo PPC, Bing PPC and other PPC platforms to drive high converting customers to your website today!

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Many of our clients have taken advantage of our MarketPlace 411 business market analysis to design a complete marketing message that works! All have found our organization to be very professional and creative.

No matter how large or small the job, we always produce custom sites with plenty of your input. Each of our website projects is carefully planned to offer not only visual appeal, but to drive new business into your organization. Our graphic design services are tailored to meet the needs of your businesses and your message.

Take advantage of our highly competitive web hosting package or ask us to quote a site upgrade.

So if you are in need of design or hosting services or would like a free consultation, contact us today!